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Hi everyone! I return to Europe a bit early, as I've been called in to take on a couple weeks of rehearsals as Wotan in Naples for the Teatro di San Carlo's April production of Die Walküre.

Richard Wagner shaped the general thrust of Die Walküre, the opera that he recognised as “the most beautiful thing I have ever composed”, with a very unique speed (only six months!). Actually, this “hurry” is the result of a creative urgency, the same being the basis for the monumental Der Ring des Nibelungen of which Die Walküre is part. It results as an opera with a dramaturgical structure crystallized in the hieratic poetry of the tragic that is very distant from domestic dynamics of the middle-class drama of the 19th century. Die Walküre – through the journey of Wotan with his self-discovery and his showdown, with the extraordinary representation of his interior decline and the incipient twilight of Gods – shows us Wagner in his most extreme and lyric form. Teatro di San Carlo proposes again the legendary staging suspended between Theatre and Image by Tiezzi/Paolini and which won the Abbiati Prize in 2006.


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